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Sunday, 11 March 2018

15mm to 28mm Necromunda game board Part 2

Second part of my Necromunda board.
Reverse sides have all been covered.
Started to add detail, graffiti etc.
Sump pool, floating corpse, drainpipe, makeshift bridge etc.....more to follow

Thanks for your comments.

Larger Size ATV

Hello again
Here is a larger than usual ATV.
Made out of card , bottle cap wheels etc.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Black Earth 6mm & 15mm mini size comparisons.

Hello all ,
Here are Black Earth 6mm & 15mm mini size other companies.
CM = Critical Mass
BE = Black Earth
GZG = Ground Zero Games
O8 = Section 8 Assault Publishing
AA = Armies Army , now at TheScene

The superb UEF Hulk makes a great 15 mm PA or Light Mecha.
Overall minis detail is exquisite with minimal easily removed flash. (First time I have tried 3D printed minis & this type of plastic is new to me) correction , these minis are cast in a resin comparable to Forgeworld ones.
Can't wait to see how it paints.

Thanks for your comments.

6mm GZG, 6mm BE UEF suit ,15mm BE, Darkest Star,15mm BE, Khurasan, WhiteDragon

BE x 3, IonAge

BE x 3 , GZG PA

BE x 3 , GZG 15 vehicle

BE x 3, CM, Puppets war 28mm, Rebel Minis , O8

Rebel minis, BE x 3,  Anvil Industry 28mm

6mm GZG, Brigade 6mm, Khurasan 6mm, BE x 2, Ion Age, BE, GZG, IonAge

Ion Age, BE x 2, CM, BE, IonAge, CM

O8, BE x 2, Brigade, BE, AA, AA

Micropanzer, BE x 2, Micropanzer, BE, GZG, IonAge

Thursday, 1 February 2018

More 15mm Scratch Built AFV's & IFV's

Hello again all,
To continue with my previous post here are more Scratch Built AFV's & IFV's.
2 of my favourite models are GZG 15mm Phalanx & Paladin. Even if they have been designed years ago they are still very scifi looking & never seem to get old.
My main concerns with them are that they are made of heavy metal which can be disastrous if model slips from the hand & they are low as vehicles go ( though they would look very plausible as 10mm or AI controlled ones ).
So I decided to do my versions of them.
As usual the hulls are very straight forward, made out of card of card , see the first pic for the tanks plan. The chassis are made of wood & card with marker cap based wheels.The axles are made from metal pop rivet leftovers . Turrets are made from PVC ( e.g. billboard type material & cotton bud barrels for the  twin missile launchers ).
They're not perfect but came out great for gaming
I undercoated 3 in black & light sprayed with grey primer.